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Thread: Sink mounting bracket ??????

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    Arrow Sink mounting bracket ??????

    I bought a sink from Ikea which is not relavant, but some how I can't find the mounting bracket that holds it to the wall. And of cource it has been about 6 months since I bought it and can't find a receipt or it. So now the dilema is where can I get a part or what can I do to mount this sink. It is one that is suppose to sit on a vanity kind looks like a vessel sink, but it has a flat back on it that has no holes on it. From what I have been looking at other sinks with no holes they uses a flat bracket screwed to wall and the sink bottom back lip sits in it to help it hold up. I hope I haven't confussed everyone. All help will be appreciated. This bathroom remoldel that I have been doing is finally after almost a year is coming to a close, but just missing this part. A complete tear out and redo. Thanks in advance for any and all the help.

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    If it sits on the countertop as a vessel sink it does not need a bracket. The flat back is so it goes back against the wall. You can silicone it to the wall if you want something more than just the bottom surface holding it in place.


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