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Thread: Culligan Bypass Valve

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    Default Culligan Bypass Valve

    Hello: Just recently I noticed a pool of water on the floor...thought the dehumidfier leaked..then I heard drip drip.....looked up and saw that the Bypass valve was leaking on my Culligan Water Softner.....its called a "Cul-Flo-Valv"..it only leaks in the service mode and I have looked almost everwhere for info on it and potentially repairing it....is it rebuildable? if so how does come apart?

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    Default valve

    If it is the common valve with a "button" on either end to push, then one of the buttons unscrews and you push/pull the stem out using the other button. Then you replace the "O" rings and reassemble it.

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    Turn the water off and relieve the pressure unless you like surprises.


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