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Thread: HELP - Washer Drain tie in to TUB Drain

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    Default HELP - Washer Drain tie in to TUB Drain

    I'm moving my washer/dryer from the basement up into a second floor closet in my 1920's home. The closet is next to a full bathroom and the supply and drain lines for the bathroom have easy access from he closet through a big access panel. I want to tie into these supply and drain lines for the washer.

    Supply is no problem, but I'm concerned about the drain. What I want to do is use a fernco coupling attached to the tub trap shown in the attached pictures and pipe the washer stand pipe with 1.5" or 2" pvc. Washer drain line would have its own trap but no vent.

    Please let me know if this will work, and if not, please recommend a solution.

    Take a look:


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    My suggestion is to hire a plumber to get rid of that ancient drum trap and then tackle the washer drain. I can tell you that you need a 2" drain for the washer and the drain must be trapped and vented.

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    If you replace the drum trap be sure you get credit for the scrap value, or maybe shine it up and use it for a cookie jar. There is probably $15 worth of scrap brass or copper in that trap.

    You could solve the washer drain problem by just discharging it into the bathtub via a second bathtub spout. However, it looks like you have a nice job of plumbing there and it might not fit with the decor.


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