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Thread: 60" TUB IN A 60 1/2" SPACE

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    Unhappy 60" TUB IN A 60 1/2" SPACE

    I am attempting to replace a 60" steel tub in a space that is 60 1/2" between the studs. Is this even possible? There was only drywall behind one end (opposite the faucet). I know I can cut the thing and get it out, but I'm replacing it with a 60" fiberglass tub. Will I be able to get it in there? Seems to me that when I try to turn it from standing up to its installed position, I'll need additional clearance to turn it. I need help in explaining how this is done before I destroy the old tub.

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    Replacing a tub usually involves more demolition than just cutting out the old one. Often at a minimum, the lav/vanity and/or toilet will have to be temporarily removed. You are correct that you cannot stand the tub up vertically and then tilt it down. You must bring it into the room in a horizontal mode, although it can be turned so the front apron is up. To have clearance to move it into position, some drywall, door jam mouding, etc. may have to be removed.


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