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Thread: soaking tub/shower module

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    Default soaking tub/shower module

    I am trying to find a soaking tub/shower module. Is there such a thing out there? I live in Europe, but am remodling a house in California. I like the depth of European tubs. I am on a budget, so would like to find a tub/shower unit that is deep. Any help locating one will be greatly appreciated.

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    Cool Deb

    Are you talking about a 1-piece fiberglass or acrylic tub/shower unit that is deeper and/or wider than a standard tub?
    The Pipewench

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    Deep tubs are available. Don't remember seeing a tub/shower module. Check Kohler/Sterling. Rest assured it will be pricey.

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    Default reply to Deb & Jimbo

    Yes, Deb. It wouldn't have to be wider, but deeper for sure.

    Jimbo, I have checked out Kohler some, but it was hard to tell with the tub/shower units, if any of them were "soakers" (deeper). I will check out Sterling. Tub manufacturer are really missing a niche in the market. If you do an Internet search, you will find that lots of motels/vacation resorts/new housing advertises the fact that they have "soaker tub/showers." This is obviously an attraction for people shopping. Some tub manufacturers should pick up on this fact and try to sell to this market. I haven't found any yet. If they are out there, they have a low profile.

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    Default Here's a fairly deep Tub/Shower module

    I've been looking for the same thing, and the deepest I've found is the Kohler Terracina K-1542 or K-1543 (for left & right drain). It's one piece tub/shower module at 5' x 33" x 18" deep. It's not expensive and looks nice. Another option I'm considering is the Jacuzzi Cetra 532 soaker tub, at 20 1/2 " deep, with a tile surround, but this would be more expensive.

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    Default check out inches to overflow

    I checked out the Kohler Terracina K-1542 & K-1543 and they are 10 1/2 inches to overflow. I just measure our tub here in Berlin, Germany. It looks to me to be between 12-13" to overflow (a bit hard to tell with the curvature of the tub). I think the difference is pretty significant for the enjoyment of a soak.

    It is important to check out the specs for the overflow. Some tubs that at first appear deep, have, in fact a low overflow.


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