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Thread: Wirsbo Pex fitting question

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    Default Wirsbo Pex fitting question

    I have just finished partially replacing some 27 year old galvanized plumbing in our home. I replaced the old pipe with the Wirsbo/Uponor complete system (Pex tubing, fittings, and expander tool) I made about 45 connections and had no leaks, however on one 3/4" MPT to 3/4" Pex adapter, I liked about 1/8" from getting the Pex over the fitting completely, and on one 1/2" Tee, I liked about 3/16". The joints have shown no signs of seeping, or leaking. The instruction manual says the maximun gap between the fitting, and tubing should be no more than a credit card thickness. My question is, in the real world how critical are my two mistakes? I can re-do these two joints, but need guidance as to "is it really necessary".

    Thanks, Jim

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    You'll want to wait for the pros. When I was doing my ProPex jobs I would redo ones with a gap that big... If I recall, they say 1/16" is the most it should be away from the shoulder of the fitting. I say fix it, and not worry it about it. But that's just me.

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    Talking if they dont leak

    Usually I have found that if you lip the
    outer ring just a smidgen over the inner pipe
    and then jsut hold it in place till it tightens down
    it all works out fine.....

    if you look behind the outer clamping ring and you can see
    the brass or plastic fitting just barely past it it is clear sailing...

    of course if it dont leak , dont worry too much about it...
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