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Thread: Connecting utility sink drain in basement

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    Default Connecting utility sink drain in basement

    I'm stumped on how to connect a utility sink drain. Any ideas on how to tie into the 3" shown in the attached pic? I had a contractor look at this and he said I would have to remove foundation and tie in under the Y. He said he would tie into 2" in an adjacent bathroom... for $2200. I don't want that draining in another area if I can avoid it. Any ideas/insight is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Default picture

    Back up a bit more before you take the picture and reduce its resolution so it is smaller.

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    Default plumbing utility sink

    Sorry about the picture size. I resized the picture--let's see how it looks now.
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    Still a huge picture. Don't know what to think of that. I just right-click the picture and 'view-image'. It is then normal size. I rotated it for accuracy. Any help on how I can run that utility drain into the stack is appreciated.

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    Ahhhh... now I understand the picture! That's a tough one. If it were for me I'd rig that baby... if it were for a customer I'd have to look for another place or do some serious re-arranging of the plumbing. If you can't find anothe place to run that drain to then they "Y" needs to come out to put a tee in then go up with another tee or y so you can put in a cleanout. This stuff can be aggrivating... can't it?

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    Cut the wye off, leaving the hub on. Make a couple of slices in the hub and chisel it off. Install a 3x 1-1/2" tee. Then install another wye and you are back in business. As long as that stack terminates above the roof, you'll be o.k, you just made a big vet vent.


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