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Thread: square trim shower drain

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    Default square trim shower drain

    I'm building a new tile shower & I'm looking for a Square Clamping Ring Drain to install...haven't been able to find to many to pick from. Only 1 & I'd like to see more if there is any... any help would be appreicated

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    Default drain

    J R Smith, Josam, etc., all make shower/floor drains with clamping rings and square strainers.

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    This brings up one area of planning often overlooked by do-it-yourselfers. When you go shopping for parts on the day you are ready to start working, you will be limited to perhaps the one item stocked locally. Some pre-planning allows you to shop internet, or have a local supply house order something in for you.

    SO, I am in no way suggesting that DIY is not a good thing. For others who may be reading, I am suggesting that you allow several weeks planning for a big job like a shower. You will be happier in the long run when you can find exactly the parts you need.

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    There are new options in square shower drains.

    My favourite of late is the square drain from My Shower Grate Shop and I'm currently testing a new one from Laticrete. I have found that these new tile insert drains can suffer from "Air Locks" - where the water gets trapped by a bubble of air and does not drain. So far I have had two "Air Lock" issues with my own installations and have since switched manufactures.

    My latest install is working properly and I have learned how to fix the other drains with an "Anti Air Lock" collar.

    Careful which drain you buy. Chances the cheapest one out there is cheapest for a reason...

    Our last curbless shower here in Vancouver with the "Next Generation" tile top drain installed. These second generation drains have a better flow rate than the earlier models.
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