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Thread: Kohler One-Piece Toilet - Seat change

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    Cool Kohler One-Piece Toilet - Seat change

    I am having a problem changing the seat on a Kohler ONe-Piece that must be over 10 years old .... This may sound very confusing to you ...

    The oldseat was loose and when I pulled up on the hinge area, the seat just came straight out ... there were no screw nuts or anything (why it was loose, I guess!)

    What is more strange is that there is no access from under neath the toilet bowl as in other models, so i cannot understand how to replace the seat and what typoe of seat to buy.

    In the top of the bowl there are two holes (1/4 inch) ... but when i look down ... nothing ... inserting a thin screwdriver ... it just goes straight in ...

    Inside the tank the flush mechanism seems to screw into a separation in the tank wall and i can see that water goes through there to flush ... this inaccessible area is where the two seem to go down into ...

    If anyone recognizes this model, please let me know ...

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    Please post the model number stamped inside the tank (K-***x).
    Sometimes its on the underside and you have to get under the toilet towards the back and look up to see it.

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    Default Reference K3666D

    That's what i see with a date 2-1-98 ....
    Thanks for your help ....

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    Default seat

    That toilet had inserts in the bowl that the seat screwed into. The inserts do not come with the seat, and I do not know if they are replaceable. If they are, then you would get them directly from Kohler.


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