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Thread: Television plumbing scare

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    Default Television plumbing scare

    Our local television stations have been reporting doom and gloom about getting plumbers this week.

    First it was the Thanksgiving plumber stories,

    And then the frozen pipe scare. They told everyone there wasn't a plumber to be had in the Seattle area.

    Just so you know. There were no frozen pipes in the Seattle area this week that I'm aware of.

    Big scare, but no truth to it.

    So, let the plumbing calls continue.
    Now is a good time to get plumbing work done.

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    Default scare

    Maybe it will be like Johnny Carson's toilet paper scare many years ago and everyone started stocking up on toilet paper. If there are few plumbers available, maybe everyone will decide that they had better try to find one to get the repairs done before they are all gone.

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    Talking frozen pipes

    I would rather take a beating thanh go out
    and thaw frozen pipes...

    no matter what you charge its not enough...

    what is a decent price to go out at 9pm in the evening with a
    electric pipe thawer and attempt to get water back on for someone????


    what is it worth when you finally thaw out the pipes and
    you hear it spraying down in a tight crawl space????


    this year I think I will take the pohne off the hook
    if we have a blizzard....
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