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Thread: Strange bath sink drain plumbing

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    Default Strange bath sink drain plumbing

    I've got a 100 yr old 2-flat apartment building that has an interesting drain configuration in the bathroom sink. The sink is very small and fits into the corner of the bathroom. Inside the cabinet there is not the ordinary P-trap that I am used to. This drain pipe is all one peice and has a little threaded cap at the very bottom of the trap that unscrews for access to the trap area? The pipe is very smoothly shaped and has a tie in from the oposite side of the wall in the kitchen.
    Is anyone familiar with this type of pipe? The tenant was trying to unclog it with a coat hanger and pushed through the bottom of the pipe. I'm going to JB Weld it for now until I can get it all taken out and replaced with current plumbing.
    How do I splice into this pipe? How does this normally connect to a waste pipe? would I be able to disconnect the current pipe from the waste pipe and sink and replace it with newer plumbing?


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    It sounds like a type of drum trap or P trap with C/O but I'm not sure by your description.

    You should get a new P trap and hold it in place to see if there is room for it. If there is you should be able to cut the pipe, as long as it is not paper thin, and replace the old brass piping and install the new trap. You may need to replace the pop up. You will need a straight coupling to act as a desanco where you cut near the wall.
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