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Thread: ASSE 1016/1017 issue with bath hot water

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    Default ASSE 1016/1017 issue with bath hot water

    My NJ plumbing inspector just told me I need to have a ASSE 1016 mixing valve on my new whirlpool tub hot water line. I just spend a lot of time and effort to get 3/4" high flow lines into the bathroom so I could fill the tub quickly, and those mixing valve severely limit the flow.

    It looks like I can do better if I get a AEE 1017 supply side mixing valve as these units have higher flow ratings.

    However, I cannot find any line to the UPC code that requires 120 degree or less for bath tub lines.

    Does a ASSE 1017 certified mixing valve at the water heater meet this requirement?


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    Sometimes inspectors just tell you what they feel like telling you. In this case he may be asking you to put in a mixing valve based on requirements for showers, but that is usually take care of by the shower control.

    You have a right to ask the inspector to cite the code section upon which the order is based.


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