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Thread: tub spout diverter problem

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    Question tub spout diverter problem

    I have a brand new Price Pfister shower/tub set with single handle control.

    It had been working fine for about a week and a half. Right after a shower, the diverter on the spout released itself then a white piece of plastic *fell off the spout.

    I found 4 parts to the diverter: a white plastic piece, a tiny black washer; a silver "stem", the screw-on knob or head.
    I tried to unscrew the head and reassemble it back into the spout, but the diverter wouldn't stay in the "up" position.

    All the research I've read says I will need a new spout. Is that true?

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    Default diverter

    Call 1-800- PFAUCET and PP will send you a new one.


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