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Thread: Venting a Basement bathroom

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    Default Venting a Basement bathroom

    Can someone explain how the venting would look for this basement stub-in?

    The above image shows the layout, the line marked “sink” is what I hoped to use for the sink drain. But, there is also another 2” line by the toilet. There is also a line above marked “future vent” that is either 1 ¼ or 1 ½”.

    You can see from this image everything drains into and ejector pit

    The vent line is just above the line I have marked for the sink

    Shows the plumbing above the stub-ins. I have the ejector drain and vent labeled backwards on the image

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    I suspect what you have labelled sink is the shower vent and the plumber intended to drain the lav into the WC vent (the one marked "??")...

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    I just talked to the plumber that did the installation and thats what he said. But, he also said I could use either line ("sink" or "??") for the bathroom sink. They would both tie into the vent above. He also said the ejector pump venting was ok. Every place I read the ejector pump should have it's own vent going out the roof.

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    In my town, ejector pump's allowed to loop into main vent.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)


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