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Thread: Black fixtures

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    Default Black fixtures

    Building a new house and are thinking about using black for the sink and toilet in the powderroom. Recently have heard that water spots are a problem with that color. Anyone have any comments about the black fixtures??

    Also do you know of any toilet ADA that has a rim height taller that the 16"?

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    You may have had a comparison in automobiles: white cars never look dirty and black cars are always dirty. Same for porcelain. Very difficult to keep that "showroom" shiny look.

    2 cents:

    This is just my personal opinion, and I have absolutely no taste in decorating matters, but for what it is worth: The fixtures are a long term committment. If you change your mind in 5 years about that black toilet and sink, you either have to live with it or shell our some serious bucks. If you stay with white, you can decorate around that with accents including tile, curtains, towels, rugs, accessories, etc. In this way you can totally change the look at a fraction of the cost of a remodel.

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    Default Black

    You have heard correctly. If you have black fixtures you might want to polish them and then put a "Look only, do not touch" sign on the door into the room. ADA toilets are 16 1/2" to the rim and 17" to the seat. Any other height would have too limited a demand to warrant producing them.

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    Talking Clayton

    The tallest ADA toilet that I am familiar with is the crane hymont at just over 17" to 17-1/4". One of Mansfield's ADA toilets is 16-7/8", most of the other ADA toilets are usually 16" thru 16-1/2". The crane toilet is not available in black, but i believe the mansfield is. ADA toilets are required to measure from 17"-19" at the seat height.
    It would be best to choose your ADA toilet according to the style you prefer and its flushing performance, not the rim height. Once you have the toilet you like, choose a seat that will give you the height you want.

    good luck


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