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Thread: Where to buy: Flush handle that pulls left rather than up.

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    Default Where to buy: Flush handle that pulls left rather than up.

    We just moved into a new place that has these power fush water saving things in all the tanks and it seems only one of them really works right. Because they're theyse special types of toilets they don't use the same type of flushing handle most toilets do.

    Most have the lever and a long arm that gives you leverage in the upward direction which pulls the flap up and flushes the toilet.

    These water saver things have a button that needs to be pused. It's near the top of the tank and requires leverage going accross the tank rather than up.

    Anyone ever run accross anything like this? I've looked at Home Depot and OSH but they only have your basic flushers.

    I've attached a crude picture for everyone to make fun of until someone can actually answer me and let me know where to get the part I'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance.
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    From your drawing , I am thinking you have the PF2 Energizer flush system, and possibly an Eljer Aquasaver toiler. In any event, the proper handle will be available from a good plumbing supply house.

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    I checked it more when I got home.

    Yes, it's a WCTC PF/2 system. I didn't catch the actual toilet tank manufacturer.

    Thanks for the advise. I'll check for one in my area.

    If you happen to know this, is it normal for there to be a small amount of water in the toilet tank with these systems? Maybe less than an inch. Or might there be a seal loose?

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    It isn't unusual for a pressure-assist system to expel small amounts of water through the air-inducer valve or vacuum breaker as they open and close each time the toilet is flushed.

    The best designed systems include a valve near the bottom of the pressure-tank that opens with each flush and should draw in any standing water and direct it into the bowl. Depending on how close to the bottom of the china tank this valve is positioned, up to an inch of water might not be abnormal.

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    Thanks Scott,

    Ya, it's not much and doesn't seem to be gaining any ground.


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