I'm having the craziest problem with my shower and probably hot water. I usually start the shower and let it run for about 1-2 minutes by itself to heat up. Once I get there I hop in, but I find myself constantly having to increase the temperature using the knob since the water just gets colder and colder slowly over time. It does this some of the times, but not all of the time. Sometimes it's fine, but then there are other times (usually rare, it's only happened once or twice) where I go to get in and the water is already ICE cold. It seems to tend to happen more in the winter (even though it's only 50-55 up here in the Northeast). Even stranger, there are times when it'll get colder and colder so much that I'll have the knob all the way up where it can't go any farther to hot and the water will still be cold. Suddenly I start to feel the water warm up and within about 5 minutes, I'm back to perfectly warm running water (and I need to turn the knob back down to a normal position so I don't burn myself).

I have no idea what is going on. It happens completely randomly. It pulled one of the stunts where it gets colder and colder with no hot water coming out at all tonight and I've just had it. I've also tried the water in other parts of the house when it was completely ICE before I even got in and they didn't have hot water either.

Let me know what you think. Thanks everyone.