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Thread: "Rain-can" showerheads & such

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    Default "Rain-can" showerheads & such

    Granted this is a highly subjective topic, but what's the perfect showerhead for someone loves being blasted with a lot of water? (I realize that the 2.5 gpm limit is a potential issue.)
    Among the various candidates I've come across, but not seen in action are: Captain's Quarters (on Terry's website); Speakman; Moen Revolution; Kallista.
    Then again there are also some super-expensive options from the likes of Kohler & Ondine, which are probably not in my budget.
    (Some of these are briefly described here:
    Any thoughts?

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    In general, the larger the shower head, and the more nozzles it has, the LESS it will feel like a blast.


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