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    I have a gould submersible pump in my well. I just replaced the pressure switch as a first step . My problem is that when the switch clicks on to power the pump it has a delay of 10 seconds. I checked it with a amp meter and it is not drawing any juice until you actually hear the pump come on. The pump starts and after a few seconds I notice a difference in the sound of the water volume? It has 3 wires and only 2 are hooked up. The yellow wire is not connected. Is there any way to test the wires without pulling the pump with a voltmeter? thanks...Jim

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    I have this exact same issue with a Gould submersable pump. Was there any resolution here?

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    So the pressure switch points come together and the amp meter is reading zero. In ten seconds the motor starts and the ampmeter is showing what? Are you sure it isn't just low amps at first then they climb higher in ten seconds? If you have a volt meter, put it on the two contacts that feed the pump motor before the points in the switch click shut and see if it takes ten seconds for the voltage to jump from zero to 230.


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