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Thread: I'm confused

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    Default I'm confused

    Our toilet is leaking at the base. The flange (?) is sitting flush with the floor. The 1st plumber said the problem was the old wax seal had a plastic bell on it and it was not needed. He put on a plain wax ring. The next day it was leaking. The 2nd plumber (same company, different person) said it needed the bell, but when I mentioned the 1st guy said that was why it leaked it the first place he changed his mind. He said he was afraid to try and fit the bell inside the pipe and he went with a regular wax ring. His parting advice was it might not work but don't give myself a headache looking down watching for a leak. Oh, and he suggested going up through the ceiling of the floor below and redoing the pipes.

    I'm going crazy. Can you help?

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    wrong folks . I see this too much ,15 trucks and no skill. talk to friends and neighbors. Eddie is out there! He is always busy, may work alone, loves His, or Her trade. And you'll have to get in line. It;s worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigi

    Our toilet is leaking at the base.
    Are you sure it's coming from the base? There are lots of other places it could leak and look like it's coming from the base..

    Here are some possibilities in no particular order of probability.

    1) It's coming from a corroded screw holding the tank to the base.

    2) It's coming from a leak below the toilet. That is, a pinhole leak that is pointing up.

    3) It's coming from another fixture in you bathroom and running down to the lowest point on your bathroom floor.

    4) It's coming from the shutoff valve to the toiled behind the wall and running down to the toilet base.

    Water is weird and comes from and goes to strange places.

    My best guess, though, is that your floor is warped and the toilet can't or isn't being seated correctly.


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