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Thread: HELP! No hot water

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    Default HELP! No hot water

    I have installed a new sink and faucet today, replacing the ancient one which stood there before. I was careful to connect all the lines as in the old one but now i have a huge problem. Only cold water will come out of the faucet, as well as all the other sinks and tubs in my house. It also takes an unusually long time to drain. Please if anyone has any ideas I really need help, its freezing here.


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    The obvious answer, if it is really every faucet that has the problem, is that there is no cold water entering the water heater. If you shut the valve off to it, then open the valve. If you shut the valve and then thought you opened it, the the valve may have broken and will require replacement.

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    Or the cold water supply line to the water heater is frozen. Thaw it with a hair dryer, but not with any open flame heat, such as a propane torch (steam explosion).
    Good luck!


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