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Thread: 10 inch rough in.

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    Question 10 inch rough in.

    I'm stuck with 10 inch rough ins for 3 toilets in my house due to a contractor error (the builder forgot to tell the plumber about 6" wall thicknesses before he did his rough ins. The house is 15 years old now and the original Kohler toilets clog all the time. I would like to replace them with toto's if possible but I don't like the skirted Totos that much plus I would need to relocate the water lines. I have a raised foundation with a wood subfloor (vinyl flooring) so I guess I have some options. One store here in Sacramento mentioned I could get an offset closet flange that could adjust my 10" rough in to a 12 " rough in. Is that really possible? I guess another option would be to go under the house and add an extension onto the ABS drain pipe to move the existing flange a couple of inches. That is more work than I had hoped for but I think I could do it. Or if you or someone has a good toilet suggestion that works with a 10" offset. Like I mentioned above I don't want to go with the Toto skirted toilets. I do want a good flushing toilet as I'm tired of plunging the ones I have now.

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    Default 10" rough in

    I believe St. Thomas Creations makes a 10". There are not many 10 rough in toilets out there. We installed one for a client awhile back and they seem happy with it. I have purchased one for my own home but haven't installed it yet. I'd go that route since moving the plumbing is a real drag. The offset flange is another option but will take some fooling with to get it right. It's worth a shot and they're only a few bucks. May as well try it before buying another toilet.

    Good luck!

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    Default toilet

    Every company makes at least one 10" rough toilet. They function as well as a 12" one, and sometimes better because the 2" difference makes the outlet path straighter.

    TOTO now has a 10" dual flush at the factory.
    I'm bringing some here for the Seattle area.

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