Well, here is what happened since i last posted this article a few weeks ago.

My insurance company investigated the area of the incident and determined that there was no way that i had caused any damage based on my story, his story, and the plumber's story (which is the real juicy part...)

Apparently my neighbor had LIED about what the plumber said when he came over to my house with the $2300 bill. He told me his plumber said there was damage to the pipe and it was clear it had been done at or near the fence where i had dug up some post holes. After talking to my agent, the plumber's real story was basically there was no way to tell where the damage was because he didnt even dig near the fence at all. There was pipe damage but there was no way to tell how it happened or what caused it.

So basically my dumbass neighbor thought he could take me for a ride in getting me to pay for his water main leak. I sure gave him an earful that night when he got home. ANd i am telling all of the neighbors what this guy tried to pull on me.

Bad Karma is coming his way...