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Thread: Kohler Memoir Toilet

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    I have a unique problem. I want to replace my old toilet. The problem is the the bathroom has a hardwood floor and the old toilet instead of sitting on the hardwood floor actually sits on the sub-flooring. The hardwood was trimmed to fit around the base of the toilet, it's base is rectangular. This limits the number of toilets I can retro-fit without a lot of work. After going to Loew's I found that the Kohler Memoir K-4254 / K-4454 should work, it has a rectangular base. Any idea what to expect with this toilet?

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    No, because I would repair the floor and sit the toilet on a finished floor.

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    Good choice.
    I have the memoirs 2 piece toilet. Good clean wash-good flush. Very happy with it.
    You need feedback from the pros.
    Floor issues will remain--I don't care how good your toilet is.

    The memoirs has a large footprint-very substantial.
    I'm guessing you want that large footprint to cover up some wood floor damage...?

    The matching sink is a big compliment in that suite BTW.


    2 choices-either classic or stately design.
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    The floor is not damaged, it's that the footprint of the Kohler fits almost perfectly in the cut out that was done for the old toilet.


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