I am trying to design my sprinkler system to run off of my shallow well. My house is on domestic water. My sprinkler system will have spray heads and drip irrigation.

The water level in the well is about 3' below grade and about 5' during pumping. I have a 1 hp Sears convertible jet pump with a 52 gallon precharged pressure tank. The pump has a 40/60 pressure switch. I get about 12 gpm at 45 psi output from the pump.

I have read that I should be shooting for between 40-45 psi at the pump so I can deliver 30 psi to the sprinkler heads after losses. Does this sound about right? Do I design the sprinkler system to the full 12 gpm or some reduced value?

How does the pumping system "know" to maintain the 45 psi I want it to? Since I have a 40/60 switch, the pressure in the system will start at 60 psi until the tank empties and go down to 40 psi when the pump first kicks on. Will the system automatically go to 45 psi if I have sprinkler heads that add up to 12 gpm? Do I need a cycle stop valve to keep the pressure constant?

Also, do I need anything different for drip irrigation since the flow will be so low? Will it just use the water from the pressure tank?

Thanks in advance for any help. I am new to wells, so I may be a little ignorant.