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Thread: 120V Thermostat Change Out

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    Default 120V Thermostat Change Out

    Im in the process of installing a new thermostat in my home. When I pulled off the thermostat to see what voltage it was, the meter said it was 120V.

    So I went ahead and ordered a new 120V line voltage thermostat from Honeywell. Model # TL8230A. I wanted a programable thermostat that would function well and look nice on the wall.

    My question is the thermostat on the wall has 2 wires coming from the box. The new thermostat has 4 wires coming from it. Did I buy the wrong one or is there a way to wire this in correctly.

    BTW: This is for a 120V oil fired boiler baseboard heat system.

    Any help would be greatly appricated.

    Thank you
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