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Thread: Re-routing Vent Pipe

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    Default Re-routing Vent Pipe

    I am currently in the process of remodeling our bathroom. The wall that the sink and toilet are on is being moved back 2 feet to give our small bathroom more space.

    Directly behind the toilet hidden in the wall is our friend, the 4" cast iron vent pipe. In order to move the toilet back 2 feet, flush with the wall...I need to re-route that vent pipe and move the flange.

    I would like to cut the pipe below the floor level, put a bend in the pipe to run horizontal 2 feet, then vertically 8 feet, then run horizontal again connecting back in the attic.

    My question is, where should I cut the pipe? Can I cut it below where the toilet vent comes in?

    By the way, I do plan on replacing all pipe above the cut with plastic. ABS ok?
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