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Thread: Add Shower to 1/2 Bath / Laundry Room

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    Default Add Shower to 1/2 Bath / Laundry Room

    I would like to expand my half-bath/laundry room to include a shower stall. I have sepate drain lines for the toilet, sink, and washer. Would it be possible to tie in the shower drain into one of the existing drains? Or do I need to run a new drain and vent? My initial thought is to use the existing washer drain and tie the washer in upstream.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Code varies

    its all about what the Code will let you do in your jurisdiction. I can think of two things that Code will cover.
    - 1. Drainage Fixture Units (DFU) is the big thing, and that relates to the size of your drain.
    - 2. Whether the washer drain has to be isolated from bathoom drains. In my building, I am allowed to connect only two specific things {a wash basin and a HW tank} to the washer drain but not the fixtures of a bathroom {tub, shower, sink, toilet}.

    Let us all know a little bit more and hope that you get good advice after that. I'm not a plumber.


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    A couple of points to keep in mind. Shower and washer drains are required to be 2". I would hesitate to connect them together.


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