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Thread: leeching fields and cesspools in a high water table

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    Default leeching fields and cesspools in a high water table

    i own a small ranch 100 yards from the ocean, and although it's beautiful, it has a very high water table and my drain system has become an issue. i cant install cesspools taller than 2 feet because as soon as i go down 3 feet i hit water. i have installed four 2 feet deep, 6 feet round rings. the problem is that when i run laundry or on a high tide day, the water runs out of places to go. i've been considering adding a leeching field, but i dont know if that will help, or pull ground water into the ceptic system.

    is there a minimum height that the leeching field must be? ideally a foot below the ground would keep it away from ground water, but i dont know if that will allow the smell to come up(or create a muddy mess for that matter).

    i've tried draining the pools, but to no avail as the next day they are filled with ground water again. any advise as to how i can cure theis problem?
    thanks in advance.

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    If you have land away from the ocean, you can pump the deptic tank output to a leach field that is farther above the water table and away from the ocean.

    In the US it has become common to put leach fields in a mound that is constructed above the water table.


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