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Thread: Hot water only noises

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    Unhappy Hot water only noises

    After having new shower put in my house I have a pinging noise coming from the pipes after a faucet is shut off. It happens with every facucet in the house and only after it is shut off. If I turn off the valve that supplies the hot water heater with water I do not hear it at all when I just run cold water. They replaced the valve and the hot water heater and still the echoing pinging noise.
    Incidently when I turn off the hot water supply to the hot water heater I get cold coming out of every tap except the shower they replaced. I don't understand why I can't continue to get cold water out of the shower even though it is a single faucet.

    Thanks to anyone and everyone.


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    The new shower valve is probably what is called a pressure balance valve...it adjusts the balance of the hot-to-cold water if the pressure drops. Well, you have a major drop if you turn the supply to the WH off! It is just doing its job.

    Does the pinging sound more like a tick or a ringing? My guess is that it is probably a tick. This is caused by the pvc drain pipe expanding and contracting while rubbing against something. So, it is all probably normal.

    To get rid of the tick, if it isn't something else, you'd have to investigate the drain lines, identify where it is rubbing on something, and fix it. It is likely caused by a hole too small, lack of clamps, or rubbing against something.
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    Hi Jim Yes it is more like a tick tick tick that gets softer with each tick.


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