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Thread: Washer /Dryer Question

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    Default Washer /Dryer Question

    I will try and see if I can explain this. i have a small bedroom 10 x10 that we are converting to a walkin closet. In this room there is a additional closet I believe it is 2'6 x 6' and it is where i want to move my washer and dryer to. Dilema is I have a outside wall that is about 3' fro my cutout to the main drain. The room that I am talking about has the house pluming going going down the center, O by way it is a slab foundation of cource it would be simple. Now I was going to put washer with the back of it facing the outside wall and beside it will be the dryer with the back facing the outside wall. Ok I was wanting to just run a line which is probable not code, but maybe build a box around this and run drain down the wall and dig a line to the dain drian which is about 2' or 4' feet to the left of this setup. i just don't want to have to bust the concret up and connect to the drain also I can add a vent pipe for the drain. this will never goas far as code is in Dallas county Texas or can it.

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    I've seen people that have moved the W & D to the garage, and just drained the washer thru the wall and out into the ground. No drain at all. If you have a garden it could be irrigated.
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    Are you going to connect to the drain, or dump it on the ground? If you have a trap, vent and the proper slope, and connect it properly to the drain line, it should work. Now, running it outside to do it may or may not be. Do you live where it can freeze? There shouldn't be much of any water left in the drain if you slope it properly. You'd have to check with the local inspectors. One of the guys here may know what the national code is, but it may not apply where you live. Each county, town, city, state decide what code, if any, they enforce, so it is hard to say for a particular place.
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    Default Drain

    I want to take it outside and them go under ground I mean a drain pipe that will connect to the main outside drain

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    Default drain

    We have absolutely no idea of how you wish to run the pipe, from your description, but it sounds like it would be completely against all codes.


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