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    Hello everyone,

    Brand new to the site and it looks like it is just what I am looking for. I have a problem with a bathroom remodel I am doing. My house is about 25 years old and I thought that we had all copper piping except for where it comes into the house. Well I want to install a new vanity and sink, BUT the supply lines under my vanity are not copper. They don't have stops in them either. It's copper where it goes into the other side of the wall but not under the sink? I can't find the correct size stop for this pipe? I tried a 1/2 in angle stop, but it was too big for the pipe and 3/8" was too small. I had an old adapter attached to it and used this to attach a 3/8" flexible hose to the faucet, but I have no way to stop the flow of water without turning it off for the entire house. Any help would be greatly appreciated? By the way the adapters doesn't have a long enough thread to attach a 3/8" stop to it? Thanks for any help!

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    What kind of adapter do you have on the pipe? Whatever size it is, there should be an angle stop with the same size connection, but you may have to do some searching for it. It could be 3/8" brass or steel pipe.


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