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Thread: Gluing CPVC pipe with PVC cement

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    Default Gluing CPVC pipe with PVC cement

    Is this a major no-no.
    I am in the process of remodeling my basement bathroom and I was installing cpvc lines for my sink, washer, and utility sink. I did not know that there was even cpvc cement. So, i was using regular pvc cement. I was told that the cpvc cement will hold up better for the hot lines. Do i need to redo the lines and glue with cpvc or will the pvc cement do just fine?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    What you must understand is that CPVC, PVC, and ABS are not actually "glued" together. They are joined by solvent welding, much like metal welding except the process is done chemically rather than by heat. The solvent, aka "glue", temporarily liquifies the top layers of the pipe and fitting. The pieces are slipped together and the liquified materials from each piece blend together. Problem is, since each of these three types of pipes are different chemically, they each require a solvent specifically for that type of material. In short, you must redo the job using CPVC solvent.


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