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Thread: Major septic problems. Help!

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    Default Major septic problems. Help!

    I have some major problems with a built in 1950 Ohio ranch. Aside from sump pump odor, water trickles into the sump crock constantly (fine) But-the water really picks up when toilet is flushed and/or shower is ran or any sink is used. I can see the suds from washing hands go into the sump from the sinks.(even the steam from warm water). I had a plumber look today and he suggests maybe the lines under the basement floor are broken and water is flowing into my drain system (sump pump). I have a very deep septic, (which I had pumped this week.) My question is, where do you start? The main septic pipe heads straight down into the basement floor. Does the basement floor need to be broken to see whats going on down there? Please help, or I may be forced to sell my recent purchase! Thanks- Scott

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    The plumber is right. You obviously have a broken drain pipe leaking septic waste water into your sump pump drainage system.
    I'm afraid that you're going to have to cut or break up the concrete basement floor to find and repair it.
    If it's a "recent purchase" and an obvious long-standing problem, it should have been disclosed to you by the seller (and their agent, if there was one). You may have recourse against them, if you can find a plumber that they called to check into this (known, but hidden, undisclosed problem).
    Good Luck!
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    I would say that it may be worth the money to have the line video'd. You can generally pinpoint location and cause of breaks--beats picking places to remove concrete randomly.
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    Default Keep the Ideas rolling THANKS!

    Thanks a ton for any and all information. I did buy the house "as is" so I dont know if I have much of a legal recourse. Unfortunately everything here was pretty much left without maintenance, So i doubt anyone had been called out to look at it. I know i have a major job, Does anyone have a rough idea of the money im looking at to get this taken care of? Thanks Again everyone.


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