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Thread: my tub screw-up

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    Default my tub screw-up

    I bought a tub a year ago cause it was a good deal and i thought it would work. it was a drop in, and we just bought a house so i thought i would put in a shower and a bath separate. When it came time for the job to be designed, i didn't have the space.

    so i proceeded to do my best putting a drop in tub in an enclosure (3 wall shower) covering the walls around it in 12x12 porcelain tile. It stuck out about 2" from the wall, and proceeded to leak like a seive.

    So i just ripped it out, and have rebuilt the supports and put it in as close as i could (had to shave the ends a bit)

    Besides caulking the heck out of it is there anything i can do to make my drop in tub more water proof? i worry i am wasting my time. (but i do not want to have to go out and buy a new tub!!)

    there isn't such a thing as an add-on flange? i know i should have a nailing flange, drywall over it...I don't


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    If you are going to tile the enclosure, and it is for a drop in tub and shower, DON'T use drywall, use cement board (cbu) instead.

    Check the manufacturer's website, they usually offer a tile flange kit. There are some generic ones, and www.schluter.com makes a caulkess trim piece that you can use called Dilex.

    Also, make sure you put a moisture barrier behind the cbu, and run it down over the tile flange kit you install, then caulk the tub to wall junction.
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