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Thread: Eljer Titan Problem

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    Default Eljer Titan Problem

    I installed a new Eljer Titan yesterday and notice a small seep from the right front corner (as you are looking at the toilet). Not much but a tiny amout of water. Today I pulled it up and reset it with a #10 no seep, thinking my wax ring was the problem, and the same problem happened again.

    I slid a piece of paper under the front corner and it is dry along the floor but when it touches the base of the toilet it gets wet.

    I have no other seep anywhere else. I am starting to wonder if it is not the wax ring and a possible hair line crack in the bowl somewhere. I have set toilets in the past and never had a leak, so this one has me baffled.

    Any ideas?


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    If you dry off the floor and the base of the toilet and then don't use the toilet for a while, does the water come back? If it does, then the problem is not in your wax seal. If it stays dry until you flush it, then the wax seal may be your problem.

    For the first scenario, where the water leaks even when the toilet isn't being used: You could be leaking from where the supply line screws into your fill valve, or from the large thin nut that secures the fill valve. Or you could be leaking from higher up.

    For the second scenario, where it only leaks when you flush the toilet: It can be the gasket between the tank and the bowl that is leaking or the wax ring is still not sealing for some reason.

    Good Luck!

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    The leak occurs even when the toilet is not flushed. I have checked the supply lines and they are dry. The wierd thing is that it is leaking in the right front corner and the supply is in the back left.

    If it were the supply, would I see the leak at the back of the toilet and not the front?

    I am baffled by this.

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    Check all around where the bowl and tank meet and check the tank bolts carefully, you can have a leak and it can come from the back where you can't see it and run to the front.

    If you are sure it is coming from under the bowl I would pull it and do a very close inspection for a hair line crack or deformities. If you suspect a hair line crack, dye (food coloring) will show it when wiped on it, the dye will suck into the crack making it visible.

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    Problem solved. Returned the bowl to the dealer and got a replacement. We compared the replacement to my original and you could tell there was a problem with the china.

    Thank you for all the help.

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    Wow I have the same exact problem. Just pulled my toilet tonight because there has been blue staining around the acryic caulk I put around the toilet. I did leave the rear uncaulked just so I could see if there was a leak but this leak is very very small. It's been set and leaking for one month. and has yet to puddle anywhere. I couldn't explain why the water laeking was blue because we don't use anything blue in the bowl. After turning the bowl over I immediatly noticed blue streaking coming from the deep recess where the bowl wash path is. When I ran my finger across it, it was wet. I can't see a crack or anything but seeing the blue water streaks from there definatly tells me it's not the wax ring. What do you think it can be from looking at these photos?


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