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Thread: Cutting 2 inch and 3 inch copper pipe

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    Default Cutting 2 inch and 3 inch copper pipe

    Is there a good tool out there to do the job? I would rather not use a hacksaw or a dremmel. The only tubing cutters I can find only go up to 1inch and I think an 1/8.

    The two inch copper pipe if for a shower so it must be right on.


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    Default cutter

    There are many cutters that will cut up to 2", and they are expensive. For 3" you need an even larger, and more expensive one, but it will also cut 2". Draw a line around the pipe and use a hacksaw, not the Dremel tool.

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    After cutting as HJ advises, use a round file on the inside to clean up the resulting jagged edges and a flat file on the outside. Remember, while you want the ends to have a reasonably straight cut, the ends go inside of a fitting, will never be seen, so a slight imperfection in the cut really won't matter. You just don't want any sharp edges on the inside or outside of the pipe.


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