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Thread: bathroom stack is in the wrong place!

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    Default bathroom stack is in the wrong place!

    Ok we didn't have a choice, we demo'd the master shower. Now that we are putting it all back together, as a tub/shower we noticed a huge problem & I would love to hear any advice ya'll might have. The air stack between the 2 bathrooms has a joint that sticks out about an inch beyond the studs. The previous solution to this was 2 layers of sheetrock. Now we do plan to tile the surround, but would not like to have the alcove to be different dimmension than the rest of the room (it's a tiny room). So what do we do? The stack is cast iron & isn't gonna budge. My guess is to shim out the whole wall to fit around that joint. Any other ideas?

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    If two layers of sheetrock covered it previously, then two layers on the entire wall, it is a small room you said, should also fix the problem.

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    Thanks, I talked to my plumbers & they said they could replace the cast iron with a pvc pipe for little cost and then we won't have to try to work around that one joint. I'm all for that!


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