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Thread: How to Hide Pex Plumbing??

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    Default How to Hide Pex Plumbing??

    I want to know if there is any product that could hide the plumbing.
    Basically there is no baseboard yet but the pex is running 2 hose - Cold + Hot (with Styrofoam like Cover) along the base wall of the basement.

    Planning to do vinyl floor on concrete slab, but wondering what would be a good idea to hide the plumbing first. Something like baseboards but more like an bracket....Is there such a thing that one could buy?


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    I doubt if there is anything that is actually made for this application. This is a time you have to be a bit creative. I'm thinking something along the lines of what you describe: A bracket to hold the PEX against the wall and a baseboard that was a bit wider than would otherwise be needed. You could make it with 1/4" plywood that was blocked out from the wall top and bottom enough to provide the clearance. I'd attach the plywood to the blocks with screws. Assuming a 3/4" block, your baseboard would be 1" thick.

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    What about boxed aluminum that they use to make screen room enclosures. There is a 1X2 piece that you could run the pipes through, and it would kinda sorta maybe pass as baseboard.

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    Am I missing something?

    This sounds like a leak waiting to happen.

    I'd furr (is that the right spelling?) out the wall and make sure to properly protect the PEX.


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