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Thread: price estimates - insultating pipes, water filter system, etc.

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    Default price estimates - insultating pipes, water filter system, etc.


    We are looking to purchase a house in Pennsylvania (the Poconos), and we know that the house presently needs some plumbing issues addressed. I intend to contact local plumbers for an estimate, but was wondering if anybody can give me a preview of rough cost estimates in the meantime.

    We know that the pipes are not properly insulated from freezing, so we would need to have them insulated, and because the home will be a weekend home, we would like to add valves to the outside of the house to allow for emptying the pipes of water. The house is approximately 1000 square feet, and the pipes are easily accessible in the basement.

    We are also aware that there is sediment (sand) in the water that comes out of the taps, so we would need to have a water filtration system installed.

    Can anybody give me a rough idea of what such work might cost? You may send me a private message if you prefer.

    Many thanks,

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    Just insulating pipes is not necessarily enough. If they are in an outside wall, or unheated attic or crawlspace, the pipe may eventually freeze.

    Besides draining and blowing down the water pipes, you must place antifreeze in toilets and all traps, if the house will be left unheated.

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    Thanks for the tips. There are so many pitfalls with lakehomes that it can be almost overwhelming!

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    I am sure the amount is going to be more than you think it should be. That's just my estimate.

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    If you are going to be using it on weekends during the winter then you need to keep the heat on during the week. If you aren't then have the water lines blown out and the fixtures drained of water and traps filled with RV antifreeze.

    Blowing the lines, winterizing and installing a good filter could cost any where, and this is a wild guess because I don't know what the local economy is like there, from $700.00-$1,500.00.

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    Thanks all for your thoughts. I'm going to contact plumbers today. Kordts - I think your estimate is quite accurate!


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