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Thread: installing new tub

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    Red face installing new tub

    Having a problem...took out old bathtub...bought new tub. Have gotten all outgoing plumbing taken care of leak free!! Starting on incoming plumbing. Had to cut hot and cold pipes to adjust height for the new tub. Soldered hot and cold pipes, also put shut off valves on them. Put the new mixing valve on to make sure water would go through and all I am getting is a trickle of hot water, but the cold water is fine...is there something that I am missing? New to this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    If you have good hot water pressure coming into your mixing valve, then you may have a stuck or poorly adjusted pressure balancing spool. What's the brand and model # of your mixing valve?

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    Did you turn off the water at the water heater, and did you turn it back on?

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    it is a moen 82680 bathtub faucet set. Also turned the hot water valve on the water heater off when I put the shut off valves on the pipes. It has since been turned back on for about a week.

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    Did a little more research..I have a MOEN Adler 82680 with a posi temp pressure balancing valve. Is this the same thing as a balancing spool??? Could I have possibly gotten a bad set??

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    Having just made this mistake yesterday, did you solder the pipes with the valve guts still in place? On some valves if you don't pull out the innards, you will melt any plastic or rubber valve pieces. I ruined a sillcock yesterday, making this mistake (didn't take out the spool before soldering).

    Another idea is maybe your new stop you installed is not open all the way.

    Another idea is you may not have your valve spool properly installed. On a Price Pfister valve I used, it was possible to reassemble in a variety of positions, which would not give desired performance unless you did it right.

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    Apparently a piece of solder fell into the valve! I removed it and everything is good to go! Thank you for the advice!


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