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Thread: Roof has a "birdbath"

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    Default Roof has a "birdbath"

    One of my customers has a shingled roof that extends a few extra feet beyond the house to form a carport. The roof on the far end of the carport is supported by a series of posts. There is a very minor downward slope to the roof, but right at the edge of the carport, in one place, the slope starts to go up, rather than continuing down, causing the water to pool up. This standing water then works its way through the shingles and has rotted out a couple of the 1x6 boards that make up the underside of the roof in the carport. At least one of the 2x6 boards that these 1x6's are nailed into is also starting to rot.

    The gutter that runs alongside the carport is the old fashioned round type, affixed to the roof with long wire loops nailed in place and then covered with shingles. Some of these loops and nails had risen over the years causing the shingles on top to of them to raise up in a "V" shape. Water probably got in there and swelled the wood, causing the birdbath. I've since removed these loops, glued down the raised shingles, and replaced the rotted 1x6 boards, but the roof still slopes up in that area. Replacing the rotting 2x6 was not possible because it would require ripping apart the whole carport and basically starting over.

    But is demoing the carport and rebuilding it the only permanent way of correcting this? Like many of my customers in this economically depressed area, she will probably just want a temporary fix.

    I'm thinking of just tarring the hell out of the 2ft x 2ft birdbath area in the hopes that the water won't be able to seep through.
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    It is my opinion that a situation like this, which needs some major repair, should either be fixed completely, or left alone. Piling on tar is not likely to help, and may make things worse. It certainly makes a mess for the eventual repair.


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