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Thread: Installing a tongue-and-groove ceiling

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    Default Installing a tongue-and-groove ceiling

    I am looking to install a tongue-and-groove pine ceiling. The board width is about 5-1/2" once the boards are inserted and put together.

    My question is in how you mount the boards to the ceiling. Do you use a nail gun and tack the boards down in the groove area? Do you use glue in addition to nailing the boards?

    This is a vaulted ceiling.


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    Try here for some info.


    3 things I would do.

    #1 I would season the pine in the room I was going to install it in for a month or 2 if the pine is very green maybe longer.

    #2 paint whatever will be behind the pine either black or the same color as the finish on the pine.

    #3 what ever finish you want on the pine do it all B4 you install it.

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    If the ceiling joists are running perpendicular to the direction you want to lay the pine, just use chaulline to mark all the joist lines . Finish nail on the tonques. If the joists run the wrong way, you will have to put up some 1x3 lath nailers.

    The overhead work will be tedious, because some of the boards will have a curve, and will need to be "persuaded"

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    Default T&g

    You nail through the tongue area. A power nailer will be the easiest, because even with a nailer, swinging the hammer overhead will be very tiring.

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    I had a finish guy, not a carpenter do my ceiling, exactly as you want. Do as Cass says, season wood, it will shrink, I don't think you need to paint the trusses though, pre paint/stain the wood. My guy campher'd the ends so if they shrunk there would be no noticeable gap, him and a helper did 2000 sq ft in a weekend. Rent a scaffolding on wheels, it'll make it go a lot quicker.



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