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Thread: Aerator Spraying

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    Hi Everyone,
    About a week ago, my bathroom sink spout started spraying real bad, when the water is turned on high. It shuts off fine, and doesn't spray if it's turned on low, just when it's on high. But it sprays all over the vanity countertop. I took the aerator off, wasn't clogged, actually, there was NOTHING in the screen. Put it back on tight, but it still does it.
    I'm having to wipe off the counter/sink after every use, it goes about half way up the backsplash. It's just spraying from the edges of the aerator. If I take the aerator off and leave it off, no spray, but just wondering why it just started.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    You can fiddle with it, but for a couple dollars, just replace.

    You could boil it in vinegar and water in a pan first. Make sure you put it together properly though...........


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