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Thread: Removing whirlpool tub jets

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    Default Removing whirlpool tub jets

    I have whirlpool jets that are leaking. There are two small holes on either side of the jet escutcheon about 2 inches apart, is there a special tool used for the removal and tightening of the jet. If so, where could such a tool be found?

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    Talking asking for trouble

    I would not touch that with a ten foot pole

    the odds sre that they are siliconed into the fiberglass

    and you are going to get into troubles....

    call a WP repair place its safer

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    A good whirlpool tub dealer should have those spanner wrenches in stock. Having said that, I wouldn't even hold the ten-foot pole if Mark wanted to work on it. Every whirpool tub I've worked on was a writhing bag of snakes waiting to be opened. If you insist, however, more power to you. Make damn sure you've got good access to everything "under the covers".


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