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Thread: Sanity check

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    Default Sanity check

    I've mentioned I've been getting ready to replace my existing boiler with HW supply with a new high efficiency boiler and an indirect HW tank.

    It's a fairly interesting system with hydro air and infloor radiant. The new system includes a low-loss header to account for the large variations in flow rate. It will need a new direct vent that has to go through a poured concrete wall.

    They will be tearing out the old boiler, installing a new one, indirect tank, and hooking up the new stuff to the existing air handler and radiant.

    This is in NE. The price is includes some premium parts (the boiler is over 94% efficient) and the quote came in higher than I guessed (what's new!).

    WIthout seeing it, what would be a ballpark range for RR of a typical system? I'm sure this is on the upper end, but I'm not sure what the two ends are. I'm sure I could economize on this, and the increase in efficiency would never be recovered, but I'd still like to know the range for this in today's market before I make any plunge.
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    Talking sanity question

    I would guess only from past prices I have heard in my town...

    the boiler system about 4- 5k and the indirect

    power vent water heater about 1200.

    does this half ass estimate make you happy ??

    or does it make you sad ???


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