I've had mine since February and it has performed clogless and smearless
so far.
I've seen a number of the reviews for 2006.
One site that reviews toilets in 3 categories only gave the total average review at 7.6 on the 10 scale. However the overwhelming majority say they love the toilet and any fears about dual flush performance were put to rest
straight away.
The .9 flush is surprising robust.

The sole reason the Aquia wasn't rated in the 9+ range was as I expected.
Installation Issues by DIY non-plumbers. period.

This post is not for plumbers. They know the drill. (Pun intended)
If you buy this toilet and have any doubt about your DIY skills----Do yourself a favor and call your plumber.

My plumber charged about double the regular install rate because it just takes longer.
He was here for a good 2.5 hours.
This was his first Aquia.

My non-professional opinion is that if you have just average DIY plumbing skills--Call a Pro.
Not to mention that you will want a high performance drill & bit I'm told.

Just MHO here.