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Thread: Insta Hot Faucet

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    Unhappy Insta Hot Faucet

    I am on my second Insinkerator Instant Hot Faucet. Something happened and the first one started a slow leak that ruined my under-the-sink cabinet. I have replaced it (why, I wonder?) with the same and it has started to occasionally sputter and run hot water when the on lever is not engaged. I also noted a little leaking under the sink in a pan I placed.
    Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be? Could it be a mechanical failure again. THis time I wont replace it.

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    The sputtering sound is caused by the water in the tank getting too hot and being released into the faucet, the way it is supposed to. Water in the cabinet is not normal but you have to determine where it is coming from. How old is it? If it is still under warranty, and I do not remember what the ISE warranty is for it, or if there was an optional extended warranty if it was sold and installed by a plumber, then you can call ISE for service.

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    I would turn it down. As water heats, it expands and it has to have somewhere to go--out the spout when it is not engaged. This is a safety thing. The sputtering is also indicitive of too high a temp.
    Where exactly is the leak? Did you have this installed?
    The Pipewench


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