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Thread: transition Tee from copper to cpvc

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    Default transition Tee from copper to cpvc

    I need to add some water lines in my basement and want to Tee off the exiting copper lines with cpvc. I have looked at some of my local stores and found 2 methods for achieving this.

    1. Use a copper Tee and connect a brass piece that has a cpvc end on one side to the Tee.

    2. I've seen what is labelled as a universal Tee made of some type of pvc that use a rubber compression fitting to join with copper and either glue or compression with the cpvc line (I didn't look at it close enough to tell what it did with the cpvc line).

    Any recommendation or alternative methods.
    Thanks, Gary

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    A compression tee,or even better a sharkbite tee,would work.Sharkbite tee would be more expensive but faster and easier.

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    Use a copper T, Ball valve, with a copper female adapter after the ball valve. Then screw a male CPVC adapter into it and its off to the races.

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    Question Need to replace copper with CPVC, due to corrosion

    Our older copper pipes are corroded and leaky due to our very low PH well water here on Cape Cod.
    We are constantly finding pinhole leaks, and corroded parts, and replacing them.
    See by this picture what we face, and this one was simple. Now weve got them leaking inside the walls after 50 years.

    Solution hopefully;
    To use cpvc or some corrosion proof material using these nice compression fittings, or even better, Sharkbite fittings, which our local hardware store now stocks.

    Answer? Hopefully someone here has come upon a similar problem and can advise us to the best and easiest solution. And if you have used Sharkbite and if you like them to work with. Expense not a concern, as we dont have many all at once to repair.
    Thank you


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