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Thread: homemade jet kit

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    Default homemade jet kit

    This is my first post and I found this site when I was looking for remodeling info on the net, after weeks of reading I decided to register. You may be reading alot of questions from me because I just purchased an older house that has a sprinkler system, shallow well, swimming pool, and the house needs some remodeling. Thanks for a great site playersc.

    I have an Aermotor 1hp pump that runs my sprinkler system that I just rebuilt and installed a jet kit, my pump max pressure went from 43 to 53psi. My question is can this same idea be applied to my inground swimming pool pump a jet kit (homemade) to give me more suction say when I want to vaccum the pool. My thoughts were where the pipe 90's out the ground and goes straight into the pump, replace the 90 with a tee and take a 1/2 or 3/4" pipe from the discharge side (after the sand filter) into the end of the tee to help create more suction. Will this work?

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    You probably already know this, but to get maximum suction for vacuuming:

    1. Shut off the main drain valve and open the skimmer valve all the way.

    2. Use flaps or rubber plugs to close off the other skimmers that you are not using for vacuuming.

    If your pump flow rate is normal for your size pool, you should have no problem vacuuming. If you are, you may need to repair or replace your vacuum head or you may have a plugged vacuum hose or lint filter.

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    Forget it. You need more than a few fittings to create a proper venturi. Big difference between high vacuum [suction] and high volume.

    Opt for more HP at the pump if you need it, or get a pool sweep and lay back.

    Standard pool pumps have plenty of suction + volume, as shown by the number of kids that get stuck to pool bottom drains each year and drown.

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    Not only that, but if you were able to create a jet for a centrifugal pump, you would now have a jet pump not a centrifugal. A centrifugal depends on the impeller only for pressure. The jet increases the pressure of the pump but trades off volume in the process. Your pool pump is designed to turn the water over in so many hours. If you restrict the flow, you have defeated it's capability of doing so. Here in my county which is full of swimming pools, the commercial pools have to have all the water in the pool turned over in eight hours in order to keep it clean. They use a seperate pump for vacuuming.

    Don't try to recreate the wheel.


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    Default jet

    The jet increases the velocity of the water at the jet's orifice, then as per the Bournelli Principal it creates a suction that draws water into the stream. If your pool was designed for a vacuum, it would have a specific port for it and a valve to turn it on when the other inlets are turned off. Otherwise plug the vacuum into the "pump" suction opening of the skimmer and you will get maximum suction.


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